Hey Y’all

I used to blog. I stopped. I’d love to start again, if for no one but myself. I’m not a “real writer” or editor, or affiliated with a “real writer” or editor, so there will be lots of run-on sentences, bad grammar and misplaced punctuation. If you can handle that, then this is the place for you. If you can’t, spare yourself the frustration. I’ll try to use properly you’re and your, and then and than, but other than that I can’t be held responsible for my high school plus “some college” education.

I wish I had a fancy title for this blog. Something that would draw in mothers or teenagers or some demographic, but that’s not why I’m blogging. It’s just “dawntoya” for now. Just a way to communicate to others who are outside of my main homies, who happen to be a 6 and 3-year-old. Just “dawntoya.” Adam, Zayne-Baltimore and Zipporah can not be held responsible for anything said or seen here.

I blogged when I was first married, nearly eight years ago, as a way to share with friends and family that I missed back home. This blog is no different. I hope you’ll join me for some of these conversations. After all, I’m not trying to talk to myself. Well, maybe sometimes, but definitely not 100% of the time, as that’s some “straight jacket, rocking back and forth, slobbering in a corner” type stuff. So join me!


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